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We commit for few but serve our best to support your business. If you are looking for best possible legal services we are here to proof ourselves extra-ordinary.


Quantity Doesn’t Matter

To empower new entrepreneurs, or support your business in crucial time we accept any quantity for the item we ship. If you are understanding with shipping terms, then quantity is just a number.


Sourcing All-Over India

We have a strong network to source products all-over the India. If you are struggling with source and costing, you can kick-out your worries and start working with our supply chain including online shops.


One-Stop Service

Sourcing, getting updates, hassle-free purchase facilities, options for choosing from millions of collections, and shipping to your door step. Anything else that you need? We are here to help.


Kolkata to Dhaka Shipment

Discover Unlimited Opportunities and leave your worries about Sourcing & Shipment

Schedule a quick call for details discussion on how we work to undertand and solve the challenges you face in doing business of Indian products.

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Why you are being worried in this age of communication? Search for your required suppliers from all-over India and deal with them. We are providing warehouse facilities to receive your parcels and ship time-to-time. Do you know our specialty? We accept any quantity to support your business. Yes, it’s possible and safe because we have our own warehouse and human resources to manage all.



Do you belive that only exceptional business policies, and strategies can help you to make your dream successful. We strongly recommend to shop from online stores that allows you to get millions of collections, and purchase single pieces. Do you think it will be expensive? Never, keep eyes on established online shops to grab attractive sales offer when price of a single piece comes down to factory price.

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What Our Clients Say

We have a very few clients as we prefer quality services rather than the number of clients. We do provide premium services to empower online business owners. Hear from them what they think about us.

“প্রথমবার ইন্ডিয়া গিয়ে প্রোডাক্ট কিনে দুই চোখে অন্ধকার দেখতেছিলাম। আনার কোন মাধ্যম পাচ্ছিলাম না। বিভিন্ন গ্রুপে পোষ্ট দিয়ে যাদের পেলাম তাদের রেসপন্স ভাল লাগলোনা। পরে কেউ এই প্রতিষ্ঠানের Owner কে মেনশন করলেন।সবার চাইতে রেট কিছুটা বেশি, তবে রেসপন্স ভাল দেখে ফাইনাল করলাম। যতদিন সময় বলেছিলেন তার আগে প্রোডাক্ট পাই। কোয়ালিটি এবং রেস্পন্সিবিলিটিতে পুরোপুরি স্যাটিস্ফাইড ।”

Md. Obaydullah
Owner & CEO @ OR BAZAR

“One stop solution for startup business. they’re really honest about product sourcing and price. I’m really satisfied with their business commitment and helpful guidelines. Wishing them Best of luck!  ?”

Golam Rasul Shohan
Managing Partner @ BoH

“I just do one thing, that is let them know what I want to sell. They send me the updates from direct sources and do everything to send the product to my doorstep. I love their working process that is absolutely real. No attractive offers, no fake deadlines, comperatively high price, but best one-stop service.”

Tonni Bhuiyan
Owner @ Queen’s Closets

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